Having served in the Army 10 and a half years I know the experience that our veterans go through upon exiting the military.

Transition is hard, adjusting to life outside the military is increasingly difficult, our veterans are committing suicide at an alarming rate while our VA medical system continues to create hurdles and makes increasingly difficult to receive care/benefits. Having served as the State Director for the AW2 program (Army Wounded Warrior Program) I got to cut red tape on behalf of severely injured soldiers and their families. I learned to navigate the VA system working side by side with other elected and national officials to ensure our veterans get the upmost excellent care available.
As your congressman I will work hard to ensure that our veterans have options when it comes to healthcare, work with congress to expand the health card to cover those living in Rural Areas like Congressional district 3, where being required to travel 4 hours for care causes unnecessary hardships on our veterans and their families.

Veterans have put in their time. They have sacrificed life and limb to protect this very special place. They agreed that when called upon they would do what they needed to do to ensure our Freedom. In return they were promised that their health care would be taken care of. Each of us owes them a debt that will never fully be paid. What we must do is provide for their physical and emotional needs today. As your representative I will ensure that what the government agreed to do they will do. when they took their oath we were obligated to hold up our end. Too many of today’s veterans receive some of the worst medical care. My job will be to ensure they receive the best.