By growing up in Tucson Arizona, Sergio got to experience firsthand the state of economic disarray in which congressional district 3 residents have been facing.

From long standing iconic businesses in Nogales Arizona shutting its doors, to the unfriendly business environment in Tucson to the high unemployment rate in Yuma. The people of Congressional district 3 deserve better. Having been a small business owner and entrepreneur Sergio knows the struggle of the small business owner and will make it his mission to alleviate the burden.

Sergio Plans to do so by advocating on fully staffing our ports of entry (3) allowing commerce to flow and allowing our communities to prosper and flourish from the increase in traffic. Sergio also plans to have a seat at the table when it comes to advocating for our ports of entry, when addressing NAFTA and also Infrastructure funding. I am committed to creating an environment that’s conducive to small businesses and job growth by fighting to alleviate the burden via making the tax cuts permanents to the middle class and extending those to our small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The Economy of Southern Arizona has been trailing the state and the region for too many years. As your representative I will make it my mission to strengthen our economy so the jobs of today and tomorrow are filled by Southern Arizonans. Our ports of entry are understaffed. I will make sure the billions in trade that sits idle each day at the border has enough staff to allow the free flow of goods that fuels our economy. I will make sure that the trade schools are expanded and fully funded to make sure the thousands of jobs that are open all across the district can be filled by you.